Succulent and Cactus Garden Ideas

A compilation of succulent and cactus gardens around the world: botanical gardens, front and back yards, vertical gardens, succulents, and more. Great for inspiration! Video: Abell DCab Photo: Dale Cruse (CC BY 2.0) Kristina DC Hoeppner (CC BY 2.0) Isabell Schulz (CC BY 2.0) Michael Coghlan (CC BY 2.0) cultivar413 (CC BY 2.0) Leonora (Ellie) Enking (CC BY 2.0) ) ) Kevin Krejci (CC BY 2.0) Classroom Camera (CC BY 2.0) Chris Hunkeler (CC BY 2.0) Darlene Roelofsen (CC BY 2.0) Isabelle Greene Garden Design (CC BY 2.0) Michele Dorsey Walfred (CC BY 2.0) jay walsh ( CC Pass 2.0) #TropicalGarden #CactiGarden #Cactus #CactusGarden.


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