We visited The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. it’s desert conservation through preservation, education and appreciation. We fed giraffe, rode camel, and saw lots of animals there. We also see many succulent plants. Kids can both learn and play. It’s fun trip for family. ———————————————- 我們去了棕櫚泉的沙漠動物園和花園玩, 這是一個沙漠保護區, 兼具教育和欣賞來保護沙漠動植物. 我們餵食長頸鹿, 騎駱駝, 還看到了很多動物和多肉植物. 孩子們在這裡不但可以學習還能和玩耍, 又一次有趣的親子旅行. ———————————————- ★If […]

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