The best vegetable garden soils you can buy in Las Vegas

John from went to Viragrow in North Las Vegas for a field trip and shared with you the best vegetable garden soil in Las Vegas at the lowest price he found. In this episode, you will learn more about viragrow and the best vegan soil you can buy for your organic vegetable garden. You will learn about some of their different grades of soil, compost and soil mixtures. You will see the results of growing the same vegetables at the same time in the most popular soil mixes to discover which soil mixes you might want to buy. You will find John’s advice on the soil you should buy so that you are more likely to be successful when planting in Las Vegas, Henderson, or North Las Vegas. Even if you don’t have a truck, you will learn how to save money by buying soil in bulk. If you grow vegetables in southern Nevada, you will also learn about several soil amendments that should be added to the soil. John will also share his personal advice on some of the best amendments you should buy and add them to the Rejuvenate mix to have the best soil you can buy in Las Vegas. Skip to the following part of the episode: 00:15 Episode start 03:00 Why your garden might fail in Las Vegas 08:41 GS Compost-Yard Garbage Compost 9:50 Sawdust in the Soil 10:42 Organic compost with rice husk 11:20 Restore soil mix-recommended soil 12:01 MJ mix-more expensive mix 13:27 Synthetic fertilizer added to the mix 13:49 Demonstration garden 15:26 Planted with garden soil mix Vegetables 16:19 Vegetables grown in Tomato Ms. Soil Mix 17:19 Vegetables grown with Rejuvenate Soil Mix 18:13 Vegetables grown with MJ Soil Mix 19:20 My advice on the soil you should buy 20:51 How to save money And buy soil in bulk without a truck 23:50 You should modify the addition to rejuvenate the soil mixture 24:20 Rock dust-Kelzyme adds trace minerals to your soil 26:05 Where to get it in Las Vegas The lowest cost Azomite Rock dust 27:53 Worm casting 29:00 Why worm casting is important 32: 00 Worm casting is as good as worm feeding 33:25 Where o Get the best worm casting in Las Vegas 34:43 Vermiculite-35:58 Pumice 37:00 Where can I get perlite at the lowest price in Las Vegas 37:43 Beautiful and clean wood chip covering 38:11 Where to get free covering in Las Vegas Vegas 39:00 Summary of the best soil in Las Vegas After watching this episode, you will know where to buy the best soil in Las Vegas, and what corrections should be added to make it at the lowest price It gets better. Reference series: ViraGrow original series The best soil in Texas, the most important compost, you don’t use interviews with worm casting experts How to make the best worm castings How do I double the pepper harvest without pruning Subscribe to GrowingYourGreens to get more videos like this: Follow John on Instagram: Watch all over 1,400 episodes from GrowingYourGreens when buying seeds grown by John: Help John post more videos and buy T-shirts, hats or cups by making John’s recipes The plant-based recipes in the book, start eating healthier today at 1100 Learn more about Viragrow E Delhi Avenue North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030 (702) 399-3868.


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