The monarch butterfly gets a boost from the drought

(October 20, 2015) For information about the clean version, please visit: apus040518 UPSOUND “Come on, come out! Here, hold my finger.” The emperor…the populous butterfly butterfly The number is on a downward trend. …. It can now be boosted for most reasons… California drought. As development has accelerated the development of the milkweed field, many majestic orange and black butterflies are being greatly reduced, and this is the only plant where female Monarch lay eggs. However, in California, drought-tolerant milkweed plants are becoming popular because homeowners mow lawns and plant desert gardens in their homes. Outside of San Diego, TOM MERRIMAN had first-hand interest in water-saving and water-saving monarchs. The voice of Tom Merriman, owner of the Luca Micaela nursery in Vista, California, (in English) “More milkweed, more milkweed, more milkweed.” Four years have passed, Merriman Man did not even sell milkweed in his nursery. This season, he sold more than 14,000 milk and now runs a non-profit butterfly garden on the website. SOUNDBITE (English), Luca and Micaela Nursery owner Tom Merriman (Tom Merriman): “Milkweed is a very adaptable plant that evolved with the monarch. It is a surviving plant.” After watching them After how to attract the monarch, the Anya Short Bridge has been crowded in the past few years. UPSOUND (English): “Oh! He said,’It’s delicious! Fresh milkweed!'” Now, she spent a few hours collecting eggs dotted with spots…gave Caterpillar’s caterpillars … She let more than a hundred butterflies fly this summer. UPSOUND (English): “Okay, how about you? Are you ready?” But some experts worry that gardeners with dried fruits may become harmful by trying to do good things. Many people breed non-native or so-called “exotic” cows because they are more colorful. …. A choice that may affect the life cycle of the monarch and make it more vulnerable. SOUNDBITE (English) by Hei-ock Kim of the California Native Plant Association “You will change chemistry, climate, biology. You will change all their habits.” Now, Monarchs will not complain. …Milkweed appeared in the backyards of the entire arid region. Associated Press GILLIAN FLACCUS in San Diego Learn more about AP archives: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: You can archive via AP: License this story.


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