These are my costumes

I always have questions about my clothing, so this is your answer. Buy now: Last week’s video: 2,000 likes? Check out these videos: I edited myself into a Halloween episode: Carved Pumpkins: I edited myself into hsmtmts (season 2): CrayCrayJay broke down 12 past appearances: remake movie posters: subscribe, like and comment! My social media: MERCH: INSTAGRAM: Twitter: TIKTOK: SNAPCHAT: @neonjay12 SPOTIFY: Cheer me on a famous birthday: Q&A: Name: Jayleigh (jay-lee) Age: 20 Camera: Canon 90D Editor: Final Cut Pro Thumbnails Photoshop Current Subscribers: 175K Music Used: Introduction: Saturday Night-Gaillardia This is not me-Arthur Benson College Dropout-Arthur Benson has no clue-Arthur Benson OUTRO: Do what you do (Instrument version)-Cactus I don’t own any of these songs! Credit to the artist! .


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