Three Dance Cactus-Trio Cadushi

This is an animation in production about the adventure of three cacti relaxing in the Aruba desert landscape full of cacti. Here, where the cacti live, the wind is very strong, and it seems that they are always dancing. This animated series on Youtube is designed for children and inner young people. Most of these stories are about emotional growth, communication, and life. It’s a little bit fun! Our story is to make you laugh, love, and have some fun! How it became When time froze during the last world event, we applied for a grant from UNOCA, a cultural institution in Aruba, for this project, and they gladly gave us this opportunity. The delivery time of the project is 3 months and the budget is the lowest. We are lucky, we have creative friends, ready to take risks anytime! I emphasize the timeline, music day and night, and make a fuss about the storyline. However, help came and we started an impossible animation project about Aruba cactus. In the future, this cactus trio has more stories to tell, and we are ready to create with them. Stories like: * Who is that cat? * Too much garbage! * Can cacti fly? Follow this adventure: Our collaborators: writer, animator, illustrator, graphic designer: Sheila Werleman-Notion representative, graphic designer, illustrator, UX designer: Roxana Rodriguez-we envision this series will be taken care of by people . Animation is a costly art, and if we can complete it with your love and support, it will be huge. If this work smiles at you, please consider donating to this cause. This donation can be done through Amazon wishlists, software gifts and online donations. Online donation link: hardware and consumables: software:.


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