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Tomato Cold Frame For High Desert: Heirloom Rock Garden

Gardening in the high desert of Oregon. Can it be done? Seems like everybody I know in central Oregon, tried to grow tomatoes here, and failed, therefore the…
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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ goes on a field trip to Las Vegas, NV to give an update on a subscribers garden in Las Vegas. In this episode you…

Tomato Cold Frame For High Desert: Heirloom Rock Garden

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  • Elizabeth Matchette

    This is awesome. I live here too in the high desert of Central Oregon &
    will be planting this Spring into summer & looking for ideas. I too have
    read some & want to incorporate the “Back to Eden” gardening concepts

  • Julieaism

    I am so glad I found this because I have been considering a move
    there…high desert near Christmas Valley and my biggest concern is
    gardening and what can grow….if I use the back to garden eden method
    (have you heard of it) then it should work.

  • Nadine Mumford

    I would love to see how things are going and went with your tomatoes???Did
    they produce? How did the house and the tomatoes fare with the season? I
    live in the high desert of Cali and need to figure this same challenge out

  • Rey Laygo

    Growing your food, is like growing a company. You have to tend it, nurture
    it, find out what works, what doesn’t, test and test and learn from growing
    it. Love this guys slogan, “What’s Growing On?”
    Growing Food in a Home Garden Successfully in the Las Vegas Desert
    Growing Food in a Home Garden Successfully in the Las Vegas Desert?

  • Garden Sheds Kent

    Growing your own foods are quite very rewarding indeed! It’s a great chance
    to learn some efficient tips and valuable tactics on how to grow your own
    food in your respective home. Nice video! ?

  • Clarissa Mc Kenzie

    Jason did an awesome job John. Love the video. I want to get the worm 360
    now and the UV light, I knew they showed up with that but did not know
    where to find.

  • Vladivostok

    Awesome video! I wouldn’t be gardening if it weren’t for you. I never
    thought about gardening once but now I’m addicted. I go out like 5 times a
    day just to look at my plants! Keep up the great work!

  • katraju

    I am from Raleigh NC. My tomato plant leaves are turning black slowly. This
    is my first time and no idea what to do? Any ideas please. Thank you

  • Steve N Vegas

    great video john. I like the way he has everything set up. he is doing a
    great job. I have a new video I just posted on my youtube site. keep up the
    good work. I love the flashlite idea. I would like to know what model he
    got from amazon, thanks steve

  • Pastor Cameron

    Awsome vid. The one that really taught me something was the South Korea
    one! I have sloped land in front and back and I was convinced I couldn’t
    grow anything on it ..but after that korea video I had some new ideas. Out
    front is all sloped. I am thinking about putting weed cloth down next year
    and planting vine vegies in small containers that I will let just grow down
    the embankment 🙂 Def inspired by watching your videos thanks John!

  • scarletttruth

    i’ve watched a ton of your videos in the past couple weeks, been sharing
    them with friends and family and have spent a good amount of time with my
    veggie plants. i was super nervous about all the rain we had in northern
    california the past week but my tomatoes, pumpkins, japanese eggplants, and
    kale loved the swim. i was worried they’d drown. your videos are really fun
    and inspirational. i’ve been preaching the words of john kohler to everyone
    i talk to.

  • KMHoward316

    John I live in CT and thanks to your inspiration I have built 2 raised bed
    gardens in my front yard. They are 4ft by 12ft and currently growing lots
    of organic lettuce and peppers. I found some local rock dust that I hope
    will be okay, I cannot find a dealer of Azomite in my area. I will try to
    send you a picture if I can. Thanks for the inspiration and please keep
    making the videos!

  • bradkrit

    Hey, after watching tons of your videos, I made my own little raised bed
    gardens for mostly tomatoes and peppers, lettuce, cabbage, stuff like that.
    Its all doing really well, and I wanted to thank you for all the tips and
    info you’ve posted.

  • Whippetfest

    I really enjoyed the first video on Jason’s garden as I do this update.
    Thanks to both of you! Having fun growing up here in Montana. We just
    passed our last average frost date! Although I’ve had plants growing for
    about a month and a half outside thanks to my cold frames. Loving my
    greenhouse as well : )

  • Karen Poore

    Love you John! You briefly mentioned LED lights and I would like to know
    more! Do you have a video on indoor plant starting under lights? I will

  • John Doe

    Awesome episode. Quite awesome since I live in a climate similar to Vegas
    outside of the high desert here in SoCal (bit less extreme)

  • sassyleochick

    Hi, I live in Victorville and would like to know what else have you had
    success with growing out here in the high desert beside the Sweet
    Tangerine. Damn this wind today, breaking my pepper plants… agh!

  • Helioforge

    Eeeexcellent! your tree collard army is spreading! : ) Definitely, bring
    some extra organic capacity to your land whenever you can, like bags of
    leaves the neighbors toss out (sometimes you have to pick out all those
    nasty cigarette buts though)!

  • TheKimber109

    John, another great video! If it weren’t for you and your videos I would
    have never known about tree collards and yacon. I have both in my garden
    this year! I also bought a pineapple guava. I’m looking forward to seeing
    how they do. I always learn something from your videos. I appreciate the
    time and energy you put into your videos to bring a quality video with
    useful information in each one. Keep up the great work!!!

  • intovideos101

    Hey John- I got the Mel Square Foot Gardening Book this year and started
    watching your videos about 6 months ago. I have watched probably 80% of
    them and now every new one that comes out I watch! I have also started
    growing in my backyard based on the book and your advice! I have 6 – 4 by 4
    boxes. Growing a ton of romaine lettuce, carrots, jalapenos, cherry
    tomatoes, onions, corn and a bunch of stuff. Whole family is eating salads
    every day! Losing weight also!

  • aerdna16

    You have gotten me interested in the uncommon varieties of veggies, I am
    growing lemon cucumbers, and pineapple sage because of you and there are
    MENY more plants I want to try.

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