Top Leafy Desert Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona-Hot Summer Garden Greens

The top leafy park in Phoenix, Arizona-Jack Mays Workshop. This Egyptian spinach (also known as Molokheiya or Jute) is my favorite desert plant green summer green, especially in Phoenix, Arizona! **Click here to participate in my workshop this Saturday: ***Click here to participate in the Facebook event page of the Saturday workshop: order my new “Metz Hybrid” gardening shirt here: Join my new online gardening school for $5 here, and (scroll to the picture below) let’s garden online together. My new gardening online school is $5 per month or $50 per year, in “check out and order” our gardening supplies and tree food are here: click the “like” button, click “subscribe”, and leave a comment below And share this video! Become friends with me on Facebook, please visit my website, please contact me via the following email:, please visit my other YouTube channels:.


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