Top songs on New Year’s Eve! 2022-Electronic Music and Dance Volume. 2

A perfect compilation of the best tracks for your New Year’s Eve party! Just press the play button and let us be your bridge to the New Year! Chapter: 00:00:00-Stop calling me your lover-Loving Calibre 00:03:22-Indian Summer-NVM 00:06:32-Or-Kata 00:10:24-Take Me Away-Ramin 00:13:24-You will never be alone (Sum Wave Remix)-Colbae 00:16:10-Make Up Break Up-Cacti 00:19:32-Casual-Kata 00:22:54-Hey Now-Ramin 00 :25: 48-Come Close-Sam Kramer 00:28:39-LIFE-Cospe 00:31:59-Another part of you (Bastien Slice Remix)-OTE 00:34:03-In the Blue (COE Remix)- Tommy Ljungberg 00 :37:26-Take Me Down-LEL 00:40:46-When it feels right-Chase White 00:44:40-LOVE (Cospe Remix)-Rain Jewels 00:48:08-Mrs Right-Chase White 00: 51:37-pink and blue-oomiee 00:53:45-that is where you belong-no inertia 00:56:53-Cover Me-Sum Wave 01:00:15-Sister (Senchi Remix) -Don’t forget to subscribe if you are able to get the latest publications.ツDon’t forget to like and share if you like it! Thanks! ! Please ☞ “SUBCRIBE”-“LIKE”-“COMMENT”.


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