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In this episode of GardenRx, host Loren Nancarrow sets the record straight on growing prize winning tomatoes in your own garden. You’ll learn how to ready the soil prior to planting, when and how to plant and you’ll learn Loren’s organic “homemade” fertilizer recipe. You’ll learn how much to water and when, how to avoid Blossom End Rot and we’ll introduce you the mother of the Dreaded Tomato Horn Worm and give you a quick and easy method for controlling this crop destroying little critter. Basically, everything you need to know to grow world class tomatoes and possibly become famous.

Top Ten Secrets – #2 Tomatoes, Everything You Need to Know

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  • LenGunGardenExpert

    As a fellow Garden Expert, I think your tips & advice show some great promise. I too became ‘world famous’ for my tomato exploits, but in the end the Police dropped the charges which was? pleasing. If I might be a trifle presumptuous – along with the cup of Calcium; and the cup of Gypsum – might I suggest a good old British cup of Tea from time to time. Maybe even some cake? And if, like me, you find bright red tomatoes a little embarrassing – try adding custard to the Gypsum for a yellow tinge..

  • CupRockTV

    hi junito1957, thanks for the kind words and thanks for the sub. We appreciate the support? and will keep making videos. All the best!

  • junito1957

    you sir know what your talking about , and you earn yourself another subscriber, keep making your video coming and make more videos on growing vegetables, plz?

  • tsfmoa

    If u put all that staff what he put in the small garden anything will grows but at the? end it will be very expensive I live in Australia here all thee things r so expensive to buy.

  • Corinna Hasofferett

    thanks, you are so good. my only problem is that living in Israel I have no access to your brands of fertilizers. except fish meal, i didn’t catch the names of the others. Can you please provide some universal names for those?
    thanks for the opportunity? to subscribe.

  • sayhello2pedro

    By far the best tomato care video I’ve seen. I’ve? been following your advice and so far so good. Very happy to subscribe. Thank you

  • anteabuel

    Wow, do I ever love your videos! I wish i had been a gardener, And i bet? all other veggies and salads turn out as yummy as your tomatoes! Canada should be the garden of the world, everybody with a ‘once a week loving care’ to one patch. A better meeting place for people too..

  • Bill Vassar

    I am a beginner at gardening and have learned more from your videos than any? other source on the web. Thank You very much! I do have a question abut this particular video. Is there any reason that the tips in this video would not or should not be used on other vegetables like peppers, cucumbers, cantaloupe, etc.

  • galaxiexl500

    Why did you use pepper plant cages instead of tomato? cages? Indeterminate tomatoes will out grow those little cages within a month. Tomato cages should be at least 8 feet tall. Overall your vido is excellent for beginners.

  • kalvenism

    I am extremely impressed by your videos and have learned quite a bit. I look forward to new videos as I am sure I have much more to learn from? you.

  • craftymom7

    Hi Thanks very much for these tips. I am new to gardening , my first garden. Yay!!!!! With your awesome advice, I will get award winning? tomatoes , hopefully next year! 🙂 Can”t wait.

  • wpm44

    Great video. You speak really well and are entertaining. I have an amazing tomato growing video on my channel. I actually had a really nice volunteer tomato plant grow out of a concrete wall! If you see it let me know what you think? and how that may have happened?? Thanks, Bill

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