Travis Scott (Travis Scott) feat. Young Thug & MIA-FRANCHISE (Official Music Video)

“FRANCHISE” is available in: Directed by Travis Scott Filmed by White Trash Tyler and Jordan Hemingway American film directed by Randy Donaldson and Kevin Schroeder, filmed by Freenjoy American photographers: Minka Farthing-Kohl UK scenes directed by Ella Girardot and Jack Dalton And Dylan Coughran (Dylan Coughran) Special thanks to Travis Scott (Travis Scott) of the NBA entertainment industry online: Lyrics: Yes, in my white T-shirt, yes, please give Hype Williams promotes, please, they wipe you first, and then wipe my check, instead of not boxing my Nikes Cacti. There is no ice tea (ah) like I am Spike Lee (ah) and it becomes like bamboo ( ah) Just need Google to find me (ah) I just called bae to get her mycelium (ah, ooh). Incredible Ici ici. In general, I just give it to sign me I signed, Chase and I are like our Siamese, we have been running around, it feels like a criminal gift bag to talk to me, I saw his face, I saw it, yes, in his On a white T-shirt (let go, yes, a private jet named Sprite (named’em, hol’ open) to France, tryna’s sight se e (private flight) suddenly popped him up, he was typing Caterpillar’Rari, I folded it up and lifted it up. I told the judge in the stands to pull up my cup by 20 million, and told the devil to keep luck. Let the R head, RIP Pop, keep the smoke a around. Very much with me Talk nicely (good for me) and lock her on the chain, people like me (people like me) Scotts, without strings, you can’t bind me (and, etc.) I am taller than an airplane, I’m in the place where Skypes are (doo, doo, doo, doo) Yes, in my slime tee… (doo doo doo hee) The prince is in his first class… (doo doo doo hee) Yellowbone too stysty heee…(doo doo doo hee) clean his napkins no, hey, on my white t-shirt (yes) call Hype Williams as a hype, please (ignite) they will wipe you, wipe me I canceled my check before opening the box instead of boxing my Nikes Ooooo…please me, don’t forget to spend money in Mississippi, tell me, when you need me to pull you up, when I spin Trippin it will trigger happiness like me Salted fish, Ackee ackee, golf Car Kawasaki, catch the fish Sushi Maki, leave like Livin Life in the City of London, and Thug n Travis in the City of London is that family, yes, you know () When they liberate us, it will become a Kodak movie (Yes ), shooting at me, like Pollack, pouring down on the basket, I have been running and running, instead of slipping or slipping, sports tendencies I have been climbing it, whipping it to Bedrock, I offer remedies. When we open the door in Utopia (it is lit) like Zootopia, you will see the cross of ya (ya). That’s how you know it at 4 in the morning. I’m calling. Yes, not to avoid shoulder bruising. The way Jackboys opened the cleaner, folded and stuffed them, yes, in my white T-shirt, yes, please give Hype Williams a hype, please, they will wipe you, and then wipe my luggage. Don’t check me, not check me, what the hell is Bangers in the system. This is the Bangers in the system. This is the old anunnaki (C) 2020 epic record. Jack with cactus. #TravisScott #YoungThug #MIA #FRANCHISE #CactusJack #CactusJackSentMe #Franchise #WhiteTee #McDonalds.


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