Turn the Arizona desert into an oasis! (Regenerative agriculture or reverse desertification)

Please consider subscribing ❤️ Permaculture and regenerative agriculture are two strategies that can change the world, one backyard at a time. Let us reverse desertification! If you are interested in providing financial support for my plant research or the production of my videos and channels, you are welcome to donate to my Venmo @michaelfulton. Perennials will provide you with food year after year, only a small amount of water and Solar energy. Subscribe to my channel so I can teach you everything I know about plants. I am a chemist/physicist with a minor in botany, and I like to grow anything I have access to. Symbiotic ground cover plants are my secret in Arizona. Living plants with living roots in the soil are essential. The most suitable ground cover plants for keeping the soil healthy include clover and alfalfa. I find that sometimes it is the cheapest to order micro green seeds and use them for ground cover. I am an affiliate of Amazon. If you order from the affiliate link below, I will receive a small commission from the seller. thank you for your support! The clover seed link is as follows. Alfalfa seeds are linked as follows. This is the key to regenerative agriculture. Seeds can be seen everywhere. Usually, they are sold in the form of miniature greens. I buy in bulk. In such a lush microclimate, weeds are an accident. I cover the ground with reciprocal symbiosis plants. A great and beautiful shade-tolerant symbiotic ground cover plant is Dichondria. The link to Dichondra is as follows. For gardening advice, check out my website! Using these plant seeds, you can help turn your backyard into a dense food forest. It is more than just one thing. You must consider how the forest has multiple levels. There is only one floor covering. It is arguably the most important, because good ground cover can protect the forest floor of your food. Good luck and thanks for watching and paying attention. Let us reverse desertification! #permaculture #groundcover #terraformdesert.


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