Unpacking from Ian’s Twelve Rolls | Another “Dragon King” and “White Snake” | Cacti and Succulents

Take apart two plants from Ian’s twelve volumes, another “Dragon King”, don’t ask! There is also a cute Renny Wong hybrid called “White Snake”. Ian’s Haworthia: Renny’s website: Renny’s Instagram: My Facebook: My Instagram: My email: cactimaniadaz@gmail.com-Affiliate link-Pure Plant UK: Mars Hydro: Coupon code: cactus420 __________________________________ Prelude to Serge Pavkin And ending music background music: steady growth-SergePavkinMusic Music link: Other music: Audionautix’s Atlantis, released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License #cactus #cacti #succulents #haworthia #cactimania.


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