This is an event to tell the El Paso community and region: Welcome to UTEP! After our first 100 years, here is what we do, here is what we look like inside and we are so glad to share it with you.

The Open House event is an effort on UTEP’s part to share our Centennial celebration with the surrounding community. We believe that we are El Paso’s university and that if we are celebrating our 100th birthday, everybody else in the community should too.

We’ve had two or three groups of high schools come through already this morning. Let them know what takes place in the college, sort of get them excited about both the activities and the goals and the mission. Really to try to get people to understand the university better.

The Open House is an attempt to share what goes on everyday. The work that goes on the campus as well as the fun. We’ve opened up many of the classrooms, research buildings and the athletic facilities. We just want El Paso to get to know us.
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