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Road trip planners like to create trips to the Sun Valley because they can bet on blue skies and sunny days during the journey.Taking summer road trips in Phoenix and Scottsdale is one of the best destinations in the U.S.

why? Because it provides travelers with more than 325 sunny days every year! Therefore, this is indeed a year-round destination. Now, take the other attributes of the Auburn and Purple Mountains as your constant background, put a variety of hotels (including a large number of world-class resorts, golf courses and spas), a selection of sports and activities to choose from and start , Understand why so many road trip planners go there for summer vacation.

Here are some sample trips to other regions. Consider saving one you like, give it your own travel name, and then customize it to reflect your personal taste and energy level, it’s fun. At least, you will choose a good idea for your trip.

*Family trips to FLAGSTAFF, Phoenix and Scottsdale-admire the railroad or float on it through Rainbow Expeditions. There is also a doll and toy museum, Castles-n-Coasters amusement park and Westworld Xtreme Pursuit paintball.

* 4 Arizona cities in 7 days-Scottsdale, Phoenix, Glendale, Lichfield Park. This trip includes walking out of the African Wildlife Park, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, an exhilarating Arizona sunset desert tour, and hiking on the Humpback Mountain.

*GIRLFRIEND’s trip to Phoenix and Scottsdale-Arizona is a favorite road trip destination for friends due to the large number of spas. In this road trip planner, you will find spas, swimming pools, shopping, nightlife, and even jeep trips and gun battles in Western Town.

*Spend the weekend in Phoenix-This is a great trip for couples who like golf and want to inject a little extravagance on the weekend. This 3-day weekend allows you to participate in golf courses and hikes to Phoenix Zoo Lights, Phoenix Coyotes and Igloos.

*Romantic overnight stay in Phoenix-you can easily extend the honeymoon or anniversary of this trip. Jazz in the gardens of the Desert Botanical Garden, the Arizona Science Center, and the Pueblo Grande Museum and Cultural Park, you will find romance in the sky. It already includes three luxurious residences that can be overlooked or even choose by yourself.

The above itinerary changes provide plenty of activities to meet the needs of your next road trip planner.

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