VLOG #12: Should I water the cactus in winter? | Cactus Care

Do you water the cactus in winter? In this video, I will answer this question and share my thoughts on watering cacti in winter. Article link: How cactus survive Recommended video: Why and how I water my cactus in winter-Prepare for spring/winter gardening tasks-Contact me: Emai-cactuscaffeine@gmail.com My product recommendation: I am via affiliate link Earn income to purchase through qualifications. By clicking and buying my link, you won’t spend more, but it will definitely help support my channel, so I can continue to make videos for free. Thanks! Planet Desert (Cactus and Succulents Online American Store)-Palram Greenhouse 6x4x7 feet. -6x8x7 feet. -Mars Hydro TS1000 (recommended link)-discount code: cactuscaffeine PCCooler CP1500 LED plant growth light-Spider Farmer SF1000 plant growth light-discount code: cactusana CXhome 600W plant growth light-CXhome 75W plant growth light-planting tongs-black gold cactus Soil-Suggested Tomato fertilizer (for cactus blooming)-Acknowledgement Music: Tambourine (François-Joseph Gosek) Flute: Lawrence Angel Piano: Gladys Torrado #cactuscaffeine #cactus #succulents.


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