Water protection-coast to coast

October is an eventful month for us and our work on urban landscape irrigation. We not only launched the 2013/2014 irrigation rebate program, but also got an excellent opportunity to connect with local and national water-saving colleagues. In the first week of October, when part of the team took action in West Palm Beach at the South Florida Landscape Irrigation Symposium, another part blocked it at the 2013 WaterSmart Innovation Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada . Why choose WaterSmart? Learn how western water districts and utility companies successfully responded to water scarcity, and how to best communicate these efforts locally and regionally. mission completed? Check it out for yourself! Special thanks to: Melissa Baum-Haley (Orange County Municipal Water District), Mackenzie Boyer (University of Florida), Megan Chery (Water Conservation Alliance), Michael Dukes (University of Florida), Martha Golea (Meteorology), Nicole Lise and Doug Bennett ( Southern Nevada Water Authority), Peter Mayer (Water DM), Haley Paul (Gilbert Township, Arizona), Richard Restuccia & Alan Harris (ValleyCrest Companies), Carol M. Ward-Morris (Arizona Municipal Water Users Association), Alice Webb-Cole (Southern California Metropolitan Waters), Reyna Yagi (Denver Waters) and Juan Zamora (Chino Basin Water Conservation Area). .


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