Watering Tomato Plants & Signs Of Overwatering - How To Water Tomatoes & Container Plants in Arizona

In this video, I will show you how I’m watering the tomato and pepper plants in my organic raised bed vegetable garden. Also, the signs of overwatering tomatoes. I will also show you how I water my container plants (cucumbers & string beans). I will also talk about the three major mistakes we make when watering tomato plants. Mainly, I will focus on watering plants, both in the garden and in pots here in Arizona.

The three major mistakes we make when watering our plants are:
1. We tend to overwater. More often then not we overwater because we worry that the plants are wilting. However, plants, and particularly pepper plants, could wilt because they have been over watered.
2. When not careful, we splash soil from the garden onto the plants’ leaves, which could cause disease from the soil in the garden to transfer to the plant.
3. In hot places like Arizona (or any place where your plants are exposed to the sun for extended periods of time), if we splash water on the leaves, it will cause the leaves to burn. And this applies for all plants, not just your vegetable garden. It could happen to the grass on your lawn too.
*In hot weather places also make sure to let the water run until is cool enough to water your garden.

As I said earlier, one of the signs of over watering your bell pepper plants is wilting. And peppers, unlike cucumbers, are OK with going without water for longer periods of time. But, as with any other plant in your vegetable garden or in a pot, try to be as consistent as possible. As far as tomato plants, if you already have ripened tomatoes and they have cracks, that is a sign of overwatering or inconsistent watering – letting them go without water for extended periods of time and then giving them too much water. However, you can still eat the tomatoes. Another sign of overwatering tomato plants is the curling of the leaves. It is not the end of the world, just let your tomato plants be for a while and then get them back on a regular watering schedule.

Container Plants:
Container, or potted plants, just like the tomatoes and peppers in the raised garden bed, have to be watered consistently. In, hot climate places, make sure not to water the potted plants when the containers are still too hot from the sun.

Be careful when watering any of your plants not to spray water on the leaves, because will either burn them.

As far as when to water your tomato and pepper plants, raised garden bed or potted plants, I prefer to do it in the evening after the sun sets down and the air cools off. My family has always done it this way and it has worked out for them for decades.

Should you choose, you can install drip irrigation system; I’ve rather water my vegetable garden by hand because that gives me the opportunity to spend time with my plants.

I hope you find this video helpful and if you have any questions on how I water my vegetable garden, please post them in the comment section and I will answer them.

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Watering Tomato Plants & Signs Of Overwatering – How To Water Tomatoes & Container Plants in Arizona

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