Which direction of light is best for plants | Natural light for indoor plants | Tips and tricks

Do you know which direction of light is best for plants? In this video, I will show which light is best for certain plants around my home, and discuss different light directions and some tips and tricks! Direction of light: Nanguang: The brightest and most dazzling light for plants. The plants in these windows will receive very bright light. Keep in mind that direct sunlight under this type of light can burn the leaves, so it is best to keep the plant a foot away from the window. Plants that like this light include love cypress, lotus, monstera, banyan, cactus and succulents. Northern Lights: low light. The plants in this area receive the least amount of light. I don’t recommend using this kind of lighting for your indoor plants, but some plants that can tolerate low light are Pothos, Phalaenopsis, ZZ plants, and calathea Toko: medium to bright indirect light. This lamp receives a lot of morning sunlight! Plants that like this kind of light include hoyas, monstera, pothos philodendron, calathea Xiguang: plants will receive bright indirect light in this window. This is a very good light for your indoor plants, and they will like to be in this light. A wide variety of plants can include dill, Hoyas, Aibo, Ficus, Monstera, and succulents. If you have any questions about light and which light is best for your plants, please leave a comment and let me know below! My social: follow my plant instagram! This is the Amazon storefront for some of my plant products! If you buy anything through my storefront, I will get a small commission! Thank you very much for watching this video. If you like my content, please don’t forget to subscribe so that you won’t miss any of my future videos! I really want to hear your voice, I really appreciate your support! #plants #houseplants #plantlight #indoorplants #lightdirection.


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