Why did we remove the shade cloth in the desert garden in District 9b of week 23

This weekend, I found several plants that I didn’t even know existed were growing. We are only a few days away from planting autumn gardens. Today, we talk about the seeds I want to plant and where I want to plant them. I want to get as much sun as possible in our autumn garden. We noticed some changes in the microclimate in our backyard, and we are changing with it. This is an exciting time for us, because our plants are recovering from the shady rest of the hot summer. Most of the seedlings we planted in the first week of August have grown. I am very happy to start planting my autumn garden at the right time this year! Happy autumn garden planting friends! ! #LowDesertFallGardenPlanning #FallDesertVegetableGarden #FallDesertColdCrops #Zone9b #DesertVegetableGarden #ArizonaGardeningTips #GrowFoodFromSeedAZ #HowToGardenInArizona #ArizonaGarden#GrowenOwedenColden


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