Hollywood is where the American film and television industry owns most of the studios and offices. It is located in the northwest of Los Angeles, California. It has many appeals to the film industry. It has an ideal climate, with plenty of sunshine, a mild climate and diverse terrain.

In 1908, its first feature film “Count of Monte Cristo” was completed. It was shot in Chicago. In addition, by the end of 1911, more than 15 film production companies had emerged in the area. Celebrities in Hollywood before World War I included Charlie Chaplin, Samuel Godwin, Douglas Fairbanks, and Cecil B. De Miller. 20th Century-Fox, Metro Godwin Meyer, Paramount Pictures, Columbia, Warner Bros. are one of its largest film companies.

However, with the advent of walkie-talkies, many famous stars in the silent era were almost forced to retire. However, the biggest threat to Hollywood was the introduction of television in the late 1940s. Many film companies had to pull down the blinds. Moreover, this has brought huge changes to Hollywood. By the early 1960s, Hollywood had provided approximately 80% of its programs to American television networks.

Today, Hollywood is not only the center of the film industry, but also the center of the American television, film and recording industry.

Hollywood is the largest film industry in terms of total revenue, ranking second in terms of total box office revenue and total film distribution. High-screen movies released globally, in any case, today’s Hollywood incorporates high-tech into their studios.

The picture shown is from DW Griffith’s epic movie “Intolerance.” It was produced around 1916 and is generally accepted by film critics and the public as one of the greatest classics of all time.

In 1853, Nopalera had an adobe hut and needed to plant Mexican cacti native to the area. By 1870, the agricultural community in the area was flourishing, and many common and exotic crops were thriving. These residents knew that the area was the Cahuenga Valley, and immediately after crossing the Santa Monica Mountains northward. Soon thereafter, land conjecture led to the subdivision of large plots and the influx of households.

Some other highlights of Hollywood include the Hollywood Bowl (natural amphitheater), the Pilgrimage Theater and the Greek Theater in Griffith Park, the Grauman Chinese Theater, and the California Arts Club.

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