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In the past few years, I have been very satisfied with the study of wild edible plants. Although it is difficult to start looking for plant identification and resources, I find it exciting to know the number of wild plants. I must stay, even in the Utah desert where I live, I am often stunned by the amount of wildlife. Not only there are a lot of wild foods, but many of them are delicious. Spring is approaching and I am rethinking it and looking forward to some foraging and looking forward to a better diet. I bet you don’t think that eating wild edible vegetables can actually improve your diet!

This is one of the things I discovered when I started this journey. For wild food, what most people don’t realize is that these plants, which we call weeds and wild herbs, were once cultivated. Many of my favorite wild plants were brought to the United States as vegetables, and some are still grown here as vegetables. These wild vegetables are usually more nutritious for you than you can find in the store. One such example is the famous lamb district or wild spinach. As we all know, there are many names, but the fact is very simple. The plant we all call Lamb Zone is a kind of spinach brought to the United States by early immigrants. It is strong enough to reproduce easily, so we are now all over the country. Even if it is not a native plant, it can now be “wild.” This is often the case.

Spring brings one of my favorite mustard plants. I like blue mustard. I hope I can make it grow year-round, but I don’t like hot and dry weather at all, so in Utah, there is a lot of it in early spring and sometimes even early February. This is a delicious radish green with a mild spicy flavor. I like to eat it on sandwiches and salads, and it can even be boiled green. It can be added to any recipe instead of spinach, just like many vegetables. When the lavender flowers bloom, this is a plant that can provide you with beautiful scenery. Before farmers plant crops, it usually covers the entire upcoming field. Blue mustard also has a pungent smell, some people find it unpleasant. Personally, it brings back memories of the undulating green hills I played when I was a kid. I didn’t know what the scent was at the time, nor why the soft green plants didn’t stick to me all summer, making me unable to roll, but now I realize that this scent brings me only joy.

Source by Mike D Wood

Wild edible plants in Utah and the West

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