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Wild Edible Plants Part 4 of 10

| Cacti and Desert plants | 5 Comments
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  • bob45ana

    That is correct. At least some of them are. That is why only the insides
    are edible after cooking. They can be used as scouring pads. It probably
    evolved like it did in many grasses to wear down the teeth of herbivores.
    It is a very old group of plants so it probably evolved to wear down the
    teeth of dinosaurs or perhaps even earlier animals. I believe that
    horsetails tend to be much higher in silicates than most grass. I never
    heard of anyone using grass to scour metal.

  • Susan D. Booker

    That”s great! Thank you for responding Bob. I’m putting together a list of
    plants that have high silica acid for skin healing/regeneration. Any other
    plants you know of with high silica?

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