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When it comes to the beauty of the wilderness, from the bottom of the desert to the top of the mountain, Arizona has surpassed everyone! Known for its extremely high temperatures, only in Arizona can you avoid the heat in summer, explore one of the many remote wilderness canyons that can only be reached by four-wheel drive, and enjoy a “non-technical” canyon adventure; Jumping, wading and swimming in the cool, refreshing natural pool, this is an adventurous and extraordinary day retreat, simply unparalleled!

The US Forest Service described West Clearing Creek as “one of the most rugged and remote canyons in northern Arizona.” West Clear Creek is a stunningly beautiful wilderness canyon with many deep natural pools, surrounded by colorful, narrow rock walls, which will surely cool you off on a hot summer day. The most exciting thing, however, is everything that only locals can know for many years, and the rewards of a day canyon expedition through the West Clear Creek pool, you will be surprised to discover Arizona’s Paradise Garden, the Sky Garden !

So if you are looking for a good way to retreat and escape the heat, and you are preparing for a rugged and uneven off-road wild adventure, and a challenging but truly extraordinary canyon adventure to the hidden Paradise Gardens in Arizona, then I am strong It is recommended that you visit the sky garden and hike in the beautiful West Clear Creek Wilderness in Strawberry, Arizona!

Beginning on a weekend morning in early August, I drove to the meeting place in northeast Phoenix, where I joined my companions and friends at the local hiking and outdoor adventure club TLC Hiking Club led by Eric Kinneman. After everyone arrived and prepared for the long day and arduous journey, we received a briefing including last-minute safety and advice, then excitedly jumped into our vehicle and were ready to set off on the long-awaited West Clearance Creek Hanging Garden!

Driving north on Highway 87 in the morning, we enter Payson Township at around 7 AM, and then continue north on Highway 87 in Payne until 2.5 miles past the junction of Highway 260. After a quick stop to reorganize all the members, we returned to the car. Under the leadership of Eric Kinneman, we turned right into Forest Road 144, and was the fourth Get ready for the wheel drive off-road adventure! And indeed!

Turning right on all the muddy roads of FR 144, and after stopping for a while to regroup, we slowly began to drive east. When we reach the end of FR 144, we continue to move to the left to FR 149, again to the left on FR142, and then to the right on FR 142A. Step by step, we walked slowly and cautiously along this extremely rough road and rugged terrain, winding around trees and bushes, winding over large rocks and boulders. Please note that these muddy woodland roads are extremely rough and uneven, and require a good four-wheel drive vehicle, not just HCV, because the area has experienced a heavy rain recently and we encountered some very bad conditions along the way. Weather. Deep in the body, muddy pool! Thankfully, everyone passed the smooth test without getting their vehicle stuck, but wow, what an incredible off-road adventure so far!

At the last turn into FR 142J, about 9.9 miles and 1 hour and 20 minutes later, we all reached the end of the road safely, so we were relieved. After finally arriving at the western clear stream and destination at 9 o’clock in the morning, we stopped the car, pulled out our backpacks and equipment, and gathered together along the edge of the cliff, waiting for the other members. At the top and edge of the West Clearing River Canyon, I stopped for a moment, looked around, and took a few photos of the stunning and beautiful wilderness scenery around. How remote this area looks, rugged and primitive, all of us feel how lucky it is to be able to experience this. This will be an incredible day and an amazing adventure. All of us are very eager and excited to start!

After gathering everyone together for a few group photos, it’s time to start our off-road adventure! Starting from the trail at the top of the cliff, under the leadership of Eric Kinneman, we walked to the beautiful canyon below. Along the steep and steep trails of the West, the journey down the steep surface of about 867 feet to the bottom of the West Clear Creek Canyon (West Clear Creek Canyon). There are loose rocks and gravel everywhere. This is an arduous trek, and many people choose to fall to the ground and slide instead of risking slipping and dangerous falls.

After successfully reaching the bottom of the West Clear Creek, I looked down at the canyon I went to and noticed how beautiful this place is, because the sun’s rays illuminate the tall amber rock walls. It’s amazing! I took a few quick photos and then added other photos soon. Starting from the cool ground floor deep in the canyon here, our canyoning expedition started very quickly. The boulders jumped on many big rocks and boulders for a short time until we reached our first swimming pool. We only had the deepest knees and quickly entered the water, boulders leaped in our first few sets of pools, waded and splashed their way.

By this time, most people have entered at least the first pool and are now deep into this beautiful canyon. The deeper and longer pools are surrounded by tall, beautifully contoured and narrow rock walls. This area is usually Known as the “white box” of West Clear Creek. With all our equipment firmly packed in dry bags, plus flotation equipment, we slowly swim from one cool pool to another, down through the narrow narrow part of the beautiful canyon, as I continue to shoot When taking as many photos as possible, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking!

After a short pause to enjoy some fun and exciting “skipping rope”, we went on an incredible canyoning adventure along the beautiful white box and the narrow strip of West Clear Creek. Moving on, we were carefully on the slippery Trekking on the rocks and boulders, while always admiring the beautiful scenery. When we swim from one refreshing swimming pool to another, the scenery here is amazing. In these swimming pools, there are many crayfish of good size! At about this time we arrived in the morning, and as the summer heat came, our canyoning adventure continued as we slowly passed through one deep pool into another.

It was almost noon now, and after about 12 swimming pools and nearly 3 hours of intense canyoning, I started to feel exhausted and a little bit tired. Considering that it is impossible for me to pass through another pool, we bypassed the last bend and noticed how green the vegetation on the river bank had become, but we lifted our heads from the water. We finally arrived at the remote and hidden sky garden! Wow, it’s indescribable! We entered this lush, green, garden-like area, first passed the beautiful waterfall spewing from the high cliff, and then proceeded and walked directly to the left. There is a sky garden, a beautiful and cascading waterfall gracefully Ferns and vines dripping with thick girlish hair, wow, what an incredible sight! I can’t believe my eyes. What a unique, remote and truly special place, a real “paradise garden” and a real epic remote wilderness “oasis”! This place, the sky garden, is simply extraordinary, more than I thought!

Now most of our team and friends are partying again. We took a break, ate lunch, jumped some ropes, and really enjoyed spending some time together taking many photos and videos, trying to capture what we are in this incredible place. Every moment you can meet. However, by about 12:30, as the high temperature hit us this afternoon, we began a long and arduous trek step by step through the many deep pools and narrow white boxes of West Clear Creek. Place. The majestic rock wall is shining with the afternoon sun, which makes the adventurous canyon exploration journey back to the original place, and becomes more magnificent and magnificent every moment!

It was late afternoon. After the last swimming pool, we climbed back 867 feet and reached the top of the mountain and the edge of the cliff. We became very hot and exhausted. But wow, this is really an amazing adventure! At about 3 pm, most of us finally reached the top of the mountain, and according to our GPS, we completed another day of canyoning on the trail we parked there. The round trip was 4.70 miles, and we completed it in about 6.0 hours. stroke.

From here, we once again returned to our four-wheel drive, ready for the rugged return journey. Miraculously, the entire team had only one puncture. At about 4:30 in the afternoon, we finally reached the main road safely. After completing the off-road expedition according to our statistics, the round trip distance of 19.9 miles is definitely because of us as a team. The hardest, most difficult and wildest dirt road ever experienced! Wow, what an incredible adventure!

Overall, it was a truly memorable day, and also an epic, breathtaking wilderness adventure, carefully researched, planned and coordinated by Eric Kinniman of the TLC Hiking Club. Therefore, if you plan to go on rugged and uneven off-road wild adventures, as well as hard, challenging but truly extraordinary canyoning adventures, to a wilderness oasis that is truly a paradise garden, then be sure to clear the creek in the beautiful west of Strawberry, Arizona wilderness!

Source by Laura Halik

Wilderness off-road adventure and extraordinary canyoning adventure to reach the paradise wilderness garden

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