Wisconsin harvest in late autumn

It’s only a few days away from November in Wisconsin, but we are still harvesting vegetables from our garden! I like autumn gardening because it usually requires less investment than spring and summer gardens, and it is also an ideal time for many crops to grow. 🌿Subscribe here🌿 Garden Merch Store! – *********contact us! ********** Discord chat server! 🌿 Watch more! 🌿 Recently uploaded: Popular videos: Succulents and cacti: 🌿Help support us🌿 You can donate to this channel to help us make new plants and gardening supplies for new videos! Get your garden supplies here-houseplants on Amazon-perennial flowers-gardening books! -Buying on Amazon via our affiliate link will help provide us with commissions, which will help keep this channel and my gardening hobby sustainable! ! Thank you in advance for your support! Thank you so much for watching, and be sure to leave more exciting gardening adventures! .


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