Xeriscape made simple-the only video you need to watch

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In this video, we will introduce how to Xeriscape (or zeroscape) as part of the yard. You can apply this method to any area of ​​the yard, just be creative! Remember to subscribe! eri Xeriscape is a type of landscape design that uses low water-consumption or drought-tolerant plants and almost no need for supplementary irrigation. Zeroscape is a yard, mostly piled with gravel and dirt with almost no plants. Xeriscape uses design and planning. Zeroscape lacks design and planning. Really, it’s very simple, just dig out 1-2 inches of dirt so that the rocks don’t sit so high. Digging the soil can also dig out some weeds, which are ready to sprout and destroy your fresh landscaping environment. Then continue to put down some plastic or fabric. If you do not plan to grow plants, use plastic; if you plan to grow something, use fabric. The fabric will allow water and nutrients to absorb into the dirt and reach the roots of the plant. Plastic will limit this. Finally, put down the stone! It’s that simple. It’s almost as easy as clicking that SUBSCRIBE button! Thank you for watching my video to learn how to Xeriscape your yard! ————————————————– —————————–Tools used: Canon M50 camera used for recording: #Zeroscape #Xeriscape #BEautification—- ——————————————– —— ————————- Kelly Concepts is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC employee program, which is designed to The website provides a means to earn advertising fees.


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