You can plant and plant 7 last-minute seeds for your autumn/winter garden in mid-to-late October!

Easily plant seeds for your fall and winter gardens from mid to late October! You can do it! Help support my channel: Cash App = $sendtorandy Pay Pal = PayPal.Me/sendtorandy Contact me via email: Here are the links to all the products I used in the video! Please click below to order any of them. Tulle-Peroxide-Ajax-Seven dust-Garden safe insecticide-BioAdvanced fruit, citrus and vegetable insect control-BT-Baking soda-Tulle–Black Kow Manure-Miracle Grow Gardening Soil-Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry Variety package seed: black gold potting soil: valley green seed: peat pellets: shop growing light: worm casting: greenhouse: heater: box fan: Haus Bright growing light: spider farmer growing light: CoCo Coir: peat moss: 10-10 -10 Fertilizer: Fish Lotion 5 -1-1: Jiffy Peat Pellet Kit: Vermiculite: Perlite: Organic Bone Meal: Chicken Compost: Hot Pad: Seed Plate: Indoor Greenhouse: Drill Tool: SKINNY BOY RANDY T-Shirt Is Available Now ? Buy now-$20-Small-3XL-Size 4 and 5 XL are also available upon request. Cash App = $sendtorandy Paypay = send free shipping on size and address (in the US) to Thank you for being here-thank you very much! #withme Please help me create more great content, like, subscribe to our channel, click the notification bell and share this video with everyone you know. Live Love Laugh-Grow something and eat it! About me: Randy and his SkinnyBoyRandy farm-hello everyone. My name is Randy Battle aka SkinnyboyRandy. I live in District 7 of Richmond, Virginia. I like gardening and planting anything I can do. I have been gardening in one way or another all my life. Growing up on my grandparents’ farm in North Carolina in the summer, we always put our hands on the ground. I am not a professional, but I am very knowledgeable! I am willing to learn from everyone every day. Please join and comment on your story and any garden-related content you want to share. let’s go! This is my first channel! bless you! Follow me on social media: Facebook group-please join my Facebook group, where we share and receive all types of excellent garden information. Facebook page-you can follow me on Facebook-INSTAGRAM-TWITTER-contact me by I would love to speak or share at your event or school. free! #CORN #Gardening #Regrow #Vegetables #How #Growing #Beginner #Winter #Seeds #planting #Grow #Greenhouse #2020 #Soil.


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